Introduction: The Masterdude Knex Micro Uzi

About: I make K'nex guns, specializing in semi-automatic, RBG-Slingshot hybrid systems which i use in most of my guns. Note: I am not responsible in any way for any damage, injury, or death caused by my Instructable…

This is the gun that was in my slide show:

My slide show

It is strong on one rubber band and can be made stronger by adding more. It also is small and doesn't use many pieces.

-Doesn't use many pieces
-Rather strong
-True trigger

-Sometimes inaccurate
-Sometimes shoots two bullets at a time

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Step 1: Build These

Follow the pictures.
Very easy to make.

Step 2: Put It Together

Follow the pictures.

Step 3: Shooting

Picture #1: Placing or rubber bands.
Picture #2: Ammo.

Warning- If misused may cause harm or injury. Do not point at people. I am not responsible for harm or injury caused by this instructable.