Introduction: The Mcdonalds Cup Prank.

This Prank enables you to make someone make a fool out of themselves just simply trying to drink a drink.

You will need:
 An empty drinks cup with a lid and a straw.
 A sharp pencil or something similar.

Step 1: Step One.

First take your empty cup and place upside down. Now roughly mark the centre of the base with your pencil or sharp object. When you have done this peirce the hole you have just marked to about the same size as the diameter of the drinking straw.

Step 2: Step 2.

Now the hole has been made poke the straw through the hole from the bottom and up through the cup until it goes through the lid. You now should be able to fill with water and it shouldnt leak if youre having trouble keeping it water tight place a little blu tack around the hole to keep it sealed. You are now ready to go. See picture for view from the base.

Step 3: Now Await a Victim...

Finnaly take your friends drink and switch it with the one you have just made and then place the drink back on the side and wait for your victim. When the person tries to drink it nothing will happen so they will move the straw to see if its jammed and the seal will be broken and therefore leak from the bottom and all down there clothes.
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