Introduction: The Medic a Paracord Survival Bracelet for First Aid.

A life and death situation could happen at anytime and any place. Having a first-aid kit within arm’s reach is an impossible expectation. The idea behind this bracelet is to provide some of the basic emergency essentials in one every day carry bracelet.

Learn how to make your own First-Aid Paracord Bracelet, all you need is:

-15 feet paracord (orange is suggested)
-Scissors, small screw driver(poker), plyers, lighter.
-Duct Tape and Straws.
-First Aid Survival items.
-Prior knowledge of how to make a standard cobra weave bracelet.

This instructable will give you an idea of the types of items you can equip to and secure inside a bracelet. Don’t limit yourself to my suggestions. Be creative. Plan for anticipated emergencies relative to your lifestyle and location. This bracelet was designed by Superesse Straps at Facebook and our Etsy Shop

Step 1: Collect Your First Aid Items.

This first-aid kit is prepped with a fire starter and tinder for fighting off hypothermia, an emergency whistle for signalling help, a bandage, an improvised suture kit, antibacterial treatment, supplies to purify water, and various other items such as duct tape, magnetic needle, safety pin to pair with cordage for a sling or even fashion a tourniquet from paracord and stick. Use the fire striker as a cutting tool. Tie straight sticks around a broken limb to make a splint. Sew up a wound using the internal strands. For thinner thread untwist one of the internal strands. Make a stretcher by running paracord between two long sticks, or fashion a branch drag to move an injured person. Use the duct tape for tick/splinter removal or to protect against blisters or frost bite. All items wrapped inside a bright orange blaze bracelet.

Remember, these are items I decided on. You can pick and choose first aid gear that fits your needs. Here's what I added to mine.

1- 15' Paracord Mil Spec 550lb, 165' total cordage including 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings. Weave On Top Cobra design allows for an easy unravel of the Orange Paracord while still maintaining a wearable black core bracelet. You can always easily re-weave the Orange Outer layer.

First-Aid Applications: Fashion a tourniquet to slow loss of blood. Wrap a few loops around and place a stick to use as a tightening rod. Create stretcher by running paracord between two limbs, or make a branch drag to move an injured person Tie straight sticks around a broken limb to make a splint. Tie a sling to secure a broken arm Sew up a wound using the internal strands as sutures.

2,3,4- *3in1 Buckle: FireSteel Ferro Rod - Striker Blade and Scraping Tool(use as signal mirror) - Emergency Whistle with improvised storage space. Create Fire: Scrape slowly to shave off Ferro shards for use as combustible tinder. Strike quickly to ignite tinder. Reflect on sparks into nest of fine tinder, provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame. TIPS: A. The ferro rod is removable. Hold in hand or press down tip against hard surface while lighting into tinder nest.

First-Aid Applications: Ward off hypothermia by building a fire. Alert search and rescue teams of your location with short whistle blasts. Carterize an open wound to prevent infection and blood loss.

5- Black Steel Plated Security Pin, (heavy duty safety pin)

First-Aid Applications: Provide sustenance by fashioning a fishing hook and pairing with paracord strands to catch food. Remove a splinter.

6- F.A.T. First Aid Tinder, quick light cotton fire tinder soaked in anti-bacterial treatment.

First-Aid Applications: Quickly get a fire started using as tinder. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to injury to prevent infection and aid in recovery.

7- MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablets(2liter treatment)

First-Aid Applications: Stave off dehydration.

8- S.A.R.K Mini: Suture And Repair Kit- Sewing Needle, Monofilament Line First-Aid Applications: Suture a wound shut.

9- 2x4" Patch Duct Tape (MIL-SPEC 100mph) First-Aid Applications: Apply as a watertight bandage.

10- Sealed Bandage, with adhesive backing and sterile dressing

First-Aid Applications: This is an obvious one.

11- $13, Wound Seal- Quick Clotting Occlusive Dressing- Sterile prepackaged topical powder.

First-Aid Applications: Instantly stop bleeding from open wounds.

Step 2: Pre-package You First Aid Items and Ready Them for the Bracelet.

PACK IN DUCT TAPE: Some items that are hard to manage, not waterproof, or pose a hazard. These type of items should be packed in a small patch of duct tape. This will not only make them easier to insert in the bracelet but will also give you reusable duct tape (use tape that matches your paracord color). Electrical tape also works well for sharp items like a nail or xacto blade.
Cut a 2”x2” piece of duct tape and lay out a few small items on the end and roll it up.

PACK IN A STRAW: Other items can be packed into a plastic straw. Grab pliers, lighter, and poking tool(screw driver). Cut the straw to fit your needs, burn and pinch one end, stuff the item in the straw using the poker(screw driver or tooth pick), burn and pinch the other end.

Step 3: Insert the First Aid Gear Inside the Bracelet.

First you need to know how to make a standard cobra weave bracelet (you can find plenty of instructables on that).

Begin crafting the bracelet by attaching paracord between the two ends of your buckle and starting the cobra weave. The length of cord between the buckles will be called the “core”.

The core is where you will insert the smaller items such as a needle, bandaid, or water purification tablet. TIP: Fit more in your strap by using a core made up of 6 total strands of cord rather than the standard two. This creates a wider base holding more gear. Remember some larger items can be attached to the outside of the bracelet by running a strand of paracord over it or securing with a ranger band.

WEAVING IN YOUR FIRST AID ITEMS: As you weave, insert small first aid items either individually or in your pre-packaged duct tape/straw. 1. Begin a loose weave but don’t tighten it yet. 2. Insert an item by sliding it up under the open weave. 3 Hold the item secure while you tighten and snug down the paracord. 4. Adjust the item as needed to conceal it as you continue to weave over it.

Step 4: Finishing Up.

Now finish off your weave by cutting off the remaining cordage and singe/burn the ends. Add on any final items that you want secured to the outside such as a ranger band with a wound seal secured under it.

Strap it around your wrist and always have a first kit with you!

For more info check out Facebook or buy one at Etsy Shop.

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