The Memetendo IiM

Introduction: The Memetendo IiM

This Project aims to replicate one of Nintendo's most popular consoles in the SuperSize Competition. The entire project in mostly proportional including corresponding disks. The entire console is sized up by 3.4 - 1 ratio.

Only finding out about this four days prior, I had taken the last half of a week to complete this project in its entirety.




Box Cutters

White DuctTape and White Poster Board


Hot Glue

Gray DuctTape


Wood are Plastic Objects (for support)

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies and Cutouts

Step 1: Gather all Materials and begin cutting all cardboard sides. The proportional dimensions of the Memetendo iiM in centimetres are as follows - 44(W), 157(H), 215.5(L). Any dimensions of the assigned stand can be found online.

Optional: Proportional iiM Disk dimensions are as followed - 12 centimeters in Diameter\

For my project, I had simply used rulers and pencils to mark out the shapes and cut with a utility knife, but this can be done with other methods alongside different materials. Any pieces that were too large to be cut out were made by hot gluing two or more pieces together, wrapping the crevice in duct tape, and supported with hangers (this can be done with any other type of supporting material.

Step 2: Step 2: Contruct IiM

For this step, we need the previously cut cardboard pieces as well as white tape, the poster boards, and hot glue.

I began by first covering each piece in poster board and hot glue. All though using a hot glue gun is not necessary, it help keep the poster board look clean with any creases or wrinkles. I then use the white tape in order to cover any portions of the cardboard which the poster board did not cover. (Note: if replicated, any other form of colouring the console can work)

After all of these pieces were completed, the next step would be to construct the console. First, hot glue and tape the Front, Back, Base, and Side pieces into the console shape. Then, hot glue and tape the final two pieces without attaching to the console. This will be kept separate to allow me to construct the internals of the console, where the disk holder will be.

Step 3: Step 3: Internals and Disks(Optional)

For this step, we will need cardboard, duct tape, supporting materials, and box cutters.

With access to the inside of the console, we can now construct a container to store the disks. This step is completely reliant on the size of the replica, and will vary between each project.

First, we must make the disks for the iiM. The proportional measurement of the disks are 12 cm. With the disks cut out, I first covered one side using the same method as colouring the console. Then, using regular duct tape, I covered the other side to replicate the engraved side of the disks.

With the disk made, we can construct the disk storage in the iiM. First, I put the disk in the console to find the relative spot to place the container. Then, using cardboard, tape, and hanger plastic, I mad the storage portion of the console

Step 4: Step 4: Decorations and Detail

With the markers markers, I detailed lines, crevices, and any holes or other details with either the coloured markers or cardboard. Also, draw any words, names, or titles onto the console wherever necessary.

Optional Details include:

1) An additional side on the front-left side-corner of the console. This can be done by cutting out the corner, then replacing with either cardboard and tape or just duct tape.

2) The buttons, such as the power, reset, and eject button, can be created by using cardboard pieces and colouring them white then attaching where needed rather than just drawing them in. This will add depth to the project.

3) Although I had planned to use electronics, I did not have the time to do so. If possible, you can add a servo to the project aswell as a push button so whenever if the disk had been inserted, the servo would eject it. An RGB LED would also work on the power button, which could act as the indicated power position.

Step 5: Optionals: Stand and Disks



Find dimensions of the corresponding console stand online and replicate with cardboard and any means of colouring (I had used Duct Tape). The stand will likely be the hardest to construct do to its irregular shape and akward angles. The best option is to use the iiM in order to make a relative size of the stand.


With the Disks constructed, now you can design and colour them in. I had replicated and redesigns a popular video games into Nario Car for the Memetendo iiM. If replicated, any design could work, such as Spectacular Nario Sibling, Ultimate Crash Companion: Fight, or even iiM Fitness, which is compatible with the iiM fitness board.

Step 6: Extra Photos

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    2 years ago

    This project had taken quite a lot of time and effort and I am glad that it is my first instructable to be published

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Nice job! Thanks for sharing your project :)