Introduction: The Messanger God Mercury or Hermes

I wanted to create the god Mercury / Hermes after watching the show "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". But when I was looking for a crochet pattern I could not find one............... soooooooooooo..... I free styled him!

List of Materials:
Yarn- Pink, Brown, White, Black
Thread: Gold
Cloth: White

All you need to do is find a simple body pattern for a crochet doll.

And then add all of the details:

Wings ( I did a circle with the smallest hook I had then I made a chain which was still attached to the circle),

Sandals (I did a circle and then added lots of string to make it look like a Roman or Greek warrior sandal),

White Tunic w/ Gold embroider (I did this on a sewing Machine),

Gold Chain for Belt,

Helmet ( I did 4 rounds of single crochet and then stopped crocheting the front and did 4 more rounds of single crochet while only doing the back) I attached the helmet on with string so it would not fall off.

If you have any questions leave a post!

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