Introduction: The Money Clip

This Money Clip is made to be both aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable

Step 1: The Dimensions of the Main Body

For this money clip you can use any type of wood, I used walnut for this money clip because I liked the way it looked.

First you need to mark out the size of the money clips main body, the dimensions are:

Length - 65mm

Width - 50mm

Height - 20mm

Step 2: The Slot Dimensions

Once the main shape of the body is drawn onto the wood turn the piece on its side and draw the dimensions for the slot where the money will eventually sit.

The dimensions of the slot:

Length - 50mm

Height - 5mm

Step 3: Cutting It Out

Now that you have the drawn money clip on your piece of wood you can now begin to cut the whole thing out, I used the band saw to do this as it is much easier and safer to use. Ensure that you begin this by cutting the slot out first, this allows for the piece of wood to stay level which helps for the cut to be cleaner.

Once the slot is cut out you are free to continue with the body.

Step 4: Ready for Sanding

This is what you should, the initial shape of the money clip has been cut out, all that needs to be done is sanding of the wood.

I used the disk sander that was available to me, sanding by hand is very time consuming but the results are almost exactly the sand.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

The money clip is now essentially complete, I spent some time using a variety of sand papers to make the surface as smooth as possible.

To get the best finish possible just spend some time going over the money clip until you are happy with the finish.

You could easily add a coating of varnish to the money clip so the colour of the wood stands out even more, it is all a matter of preference.

Step 6: Possible Additions

Here is the money clip and another I made using Redwood which were both engraved using the laser cutter, This adds personality to the money clip with endless possibilities for the final design.

Both sides of the money clip are engraved, one with my finger print and the other with the sound wave of me speaking.