Introduction: The Morse Translator With Arduino

What it does:

It translates your morse code into English words!

With this Morse Translator you can improve your morsing skills. Imagen,if the zombie apocalypse will happen, this will be the only way to communicate. Start practicing now!!

... or just have fun morsing ;)

About the morse code:

Characters in morse code consist of a series of dots (short beeps) and dashes (long beeps).
The duration of a dot is the basic unit of time.

To begin with, the variable is set to a value of 1000 ms, which is good if you're just starting to learn morse code. The following rules hold: The duration of a dash is three times the duration of a dot (default 1000ms) The gap between dashes and dots within a character is the duration of a dot.The gap between characters is three times the duration of a dot (i.e., the duration of a dash)The gap between words is seven times the duration of a dot.


  • 1x Arduino Uno
  • 1x Breadboard
  • 1x Potentiometer 10k Ω
  • 1x Button
  • 1x Speaker (Piezo Buzzer)
  • 1x LCD (Hitachi HD44780 compatible)
  • 1x Resistor 220 Ω
  • M-M / M-F Jumper cables

Step 1: Connecting Parts

Connect the parts according to the fritzing sketch.

Step 2: Code and Usage

Upload the source code to your Arduino.

You can change the duration of a dot in the source code by changing the value of the variable dotDuration.

In order to make it easier for beginners, the morse code translator tolerates certain deviations of the actual duration of dots, dashes and gaps.

The tolerance can be modifies by changing the value of the variable tolerance in the source code (the default is 500 ms).

- Happy morsing!

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