The Moss Terrarium.

Introduction: The Moss Terrarium.

Sometimes you simply want to enjoy the benefits of a garden without having to mow, prune, and fertilize. Terrariums are popular thanks to their fuss-free maintenance, beauty, and minimal space requirements, meaning they're also good options for those who want to garden but lack the outdoor space.

Step 1: You May Need This.

Glass contlainer

A terrarium is, basically, a clear and non-draining container that holds its own small environment. Anything can be used as a terrarium container – an old aquarium, a peanut butter jar, a soda bottle, a glass pitcher, or whatever else you might have. The main objective is that it be clear so you can see your creation inside.


Polished pebbles, sea glass, marbles, etc.

Sphagnum or sheet moss


The greenery you'll be planting will determine the type of soil you use. For moss, use a peat moss mixture, which is less likely to mold.

Plants that won't overgrow

Good choices include boxwood, croton, Joseph's coat, pineapple verbena and twiggy spikemoss for sun-loving plants and gnome ivy, golden club moss, Irish or Scottish club moss and miniature ferns for shade-loving plants.

Basic tools?

Spoons or a funnel for placing soil, long tweezers for putting materials into the vessel, scissors for clipping greenery, and paper towels or cotton

Step 2: Make Up Terrarium Basement.

Place a handful of rocks at the bottom of the container. This layer helps to shape the terrain while aiding drainage and aeration.

Step 3: Now It's Time for Some Potting Soil.

For moss, use a peat moss mixture, which is less likely to mold.Keep in mind that this layer doesn't have to be perfectly flat. Hills and valleys give the landscape character. Again, don't fill the container too high with soil, since you'll want to have enough "head space" for the greenery to grow.

Step 4: We Can Start Planting.

First comes polka dot plant. Be make sure, always place taller plants in the back. Next, small succulent plant. Finally some ivy. To secure plants in place, you have to add more soil.

Step 5: It's Time for Moss.

Since I picked my moss from woods before using it, sooked it in the water for an hour in order to clean it from all dirt. Place the slightly damp moss onto the rocks, patting it down so that it fills the entire surface area and forms a barrier that keeps the soil from falling into the rocks. Remember to spray moss gently every other day.

Step 6: It's Time for Decoration.

Use some leftover stones for decoration. You can also adding some toys to make more attractive.

Step 7: Tada!! Finished Already.

Personal I think it is a way better gift than some cut flower and it is going to last much longer.

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Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

5 years ago

Cute! Is that a shell you put in there?


Reply 5 years ago

Oh yes. It is attractive, I'm right?