Introduction: The Motion Sensor Alarm

Are you always checking to see who is at your door? This is the perfect item for you. I have been always curious to know if there are people outside my door without knowing. I have created this Motion Sensor Alarm with led lights which will indicate to me when there are people outside. The indication is a buzzer, when the sensor detects someone, the buzzer will sound loud and clear and I will know someone is outside my door. Even better, I added push buttons that are connected to led lights one works for the green to turn on whenever I say they can come in, I push the right button and the green led lights up. Whenever I don't want anybody near me I click the left button which is for the red light.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

1. Arduino Uno R3

2. 2 led lights (Red and Green)

3. 2 push buttons

4. 30 cables minimum (Some break, for you to be sure)

5. Piezo/Buzzer

6. PIR Sensor

7. Breadboard (Where you connect everything)

Step 2: Make the Connections!

You will go to to make all the connections and run simulations to see if what you have is ok. If it is go ahead and start buying the materials!

Common Connections:

- 5v to the positive side of the breadboard

- GND to the negative

- PIR Sensor connects to the digital side of the Arduino Uno and the other 2 go to positive and negative.

- Piezo Buzzer to a Digital Side of the Arduino and the other side to a negative

- LEDs and buttons to a digital side and the negative as well.

Step 3: CODE


Step 4: BUILD!!!

Now that you have coded and bought your materials, it is time for you to do all the connections. You will do the same procedure as in but now in real life. Connect the same places that you connected from tinkercad into the real one. Whenever your done connecting this is going to be your last step before you finish!

Step 5: Last and Final Step: Insert the Code and Connect Cable to Arduino

What you are going to have to do, is get this cable called, USB TO USB B Cable. Connect the USB B Cable into the Arduino, and the lights will turn on. If the lights turn on It means your Arduinoworks!

Now just insert the code into the Arduino Arduino app, and your setup will begin working!.

You are now done! Enjoy Being calm in your room without the interest if somebody is outside your room!.