Introduction: The Multi-Cable Hanger

The Multi-Cable Hanger is an easy-to-make tool that will not only prevent the constant loss of cables but add aesthetics into your world. Whether it be made for the garage or your own room, the Multi-Cable Hanger is designed to hold cables such as phone charger cords, extension cords, and display cords, allowing your most important cables to be organized and ready to use.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make your very own Multi-Cable Hanger with the simplest of tools. So join me and make your world as aesthetically organized as possible.

Step 1: Video Summarization

This video essentially summarizing how the multi-cord hanger works before you begin to build. Enjoy!

Step 2: Gather Materials

The first and most important step to creating the "The Multi-Cable Hanger" is gathering the materials.

As shown in the picture, you will be needing the following:


A wooden peg board The one I'm using is 1 1/2" x 24".

Push pins I used 5 push pins in my tutorial.





Step 3: Attach the Push Pins

Using your hammer, the next step will be to attach the push pins. We will do this so that the push pins are securely placed inside the wood. We don't want the push pins falling off mid-way.

You can organize the push pins as you please, however, keep in mind that there needs to be an adequate amount of space between each push pin. We want to keep the cables as organized as possible.

Step 4: Attach the Twine

Using your scissors, the third step will be cutting and tying the twine to the push pins. This is done in order to withstand heavier cords rather than only lightning or USB cables.

Do this by tying knots on the push pins as shown in the visual.

Step 5: Attach the Back Hangers

Using your hammer, place two equally spaced push pins on the back of the wooden pegboard. After, tie twine to all two of the push pins, similar to that of the front.

This is done in order to hang the Multi-Cord Hanger on a wall.

Step 6: Hang the Multi-Cord Hanger

Now, you have finished creating the Multi-Cord Hanger. Attach it to any wall that has nails and you are good to go.