Introduction: The Musical FootBall

This project is to construct a musical football. The reason for my project is that I was inspired by a little kid with austim who love sports and music. So what better way to have fun then have a ball that you can play with and create music with. The following steps show how I constructed the  football and it musical components.

Step 1: Shopping List

Shopping list
Soldering Iron (and solder :-)!! )
hot glue gun
youth football leather (able to get at wally world)
foam youth football (wally world also)
(1) k size coaxil plug (radio shack)
(1) submini slide switch
(2) small speakers (taking out of musical cards)
(7) uphostery tacts
(8) AA batteries and 8AA battery holder (to start was going us 9volt but decide to go with more power)
(11) two foot wires

Step 2: Programing Arduino
the link is the programing of Arduino.... Thanks to blinkyblinky for the code who got it from Joe Marshall 2011

Step 3: Board to Insert to Arduino Power and Bottons

For this part you will need two small boards to make a shield for your arduino that your buttons and power supply will be attach too.
1. Take pins and place them in analog 1-6 and then on the side place pins in 7 and 8. ( these will be for your buttons) Place a pin in 11 and ground on the same side. (these will be for your speakers)
2. Take a preholed board and measure out to just long enough to cover your arduino side to side.
3. Then place these board on the pins and mark where the pins are located on the board.
4. Remove pins from Arduino and solder pins in place on boards.

Step 4: Construction of Buttons and Power

To construct the Buttons or touch point for the synthesizer.
1. Take a total of eight tact and sand the ends of each one so that when attaching wire to them they better conduct.
2. Take eight of your wires and strip 1/4 of a inch off on end and about 1 inch off the other.
3. Take the end with 1"for  each and wrap around each end of one of the tacts.
4. Once each one is wrapped then solder the two together so that you have a bonded connection.
5. Place a hole in the top of foot ball or where you would like the buttons to be place and pull wire through.
6. The other ends you will then connect to the boards we connstructed to go into the Arduino.0-6 and 7 and

To construct power
1. Take your coaxial plug and add wires to it. The short  or middle pin is your power and the long is your ground.
2. Insert your switch to between your power and postive end of battery holder. 
3. Ground should go straight to ground on ur battery holder also.
Note: I first constructed a nine volt power supply and ended up using a 8 AA battery holder because the nine volt was not quite strong enough.

Step 5: Sound System

To wire your sound system up to the arduino we will take to small speaker. I took min out of taking cards. By bridging two together you should have enough sound so that you can here the sound when playing it for a group.

1. Strip four wires, two for each speaker.
2. Solder on to postive and one to negative.
3. Then twist the each postive together and solder the ends. Repeat the sames steps for the negative.
4. On you have finished that take the board we constructed for the speakers and solder the negative to the ground pin and the postive to the 11 pin.

Step 6: Construction of Container to Hold Arduino

I took small plastic containers lids uptain at dollar tree for a holder for the Arduino.
You will need so double sided tape to keep Arduino in place.
Also you will want to take out a little of each container where your wires will be sticking out.
For the speaker, buttons, and power supply.

Step 7: Insert for the FootBall to Hold All Components

To hold all component you can take a foam ball.(obtained at wally world)
and cut compartments for the Arduino and the battery pack.
As you can see I also slots in the football so that the sound travels through the top of the football. Speakers are held in place by electrical tape. Also do forget to add a location for you on and off switch.
Once all components are in place and working i added a little hot glue to each solder point so that it would stablize the wires. Then lastly  stuff foam ball into skin. I used superglue to seal ball back up around the seam.

Step 8: Final Products