The Nebula Projector Project for Kids!



Introduction: The Nebula Projector Project for Kids!

Looking at those beautiful Hubble Images makes you want to find a way to create your very own! First gather up some images from the Nasa.Gov website! You will be able to create nebula disks you can shine your flashlights through on a wall in the dark and enjoy your own! These will keep your kiddos entertained, young and old alike!


Clear School Glue


Alcohol Inks

Glitter if desired

Scissor to trim the edges if you wish once dry

wooden craft stick if you wish to help swirl the colors

bright LED flashlight

Step 1: The Nebula Projector Project for Kids! Glue and Ink!

  1. Open your clean glue and fill your empty lids to the almost top. Your lid should have a bit of a lip to keep the glue from running out. The lids from Yogurt containers make excellent lids to use!
  2. Choose 3-5 colors of alcohol ink for your first one. You will explore and test it to see how it works. Your first try is a dry run remember! Once you see how easy and cool this project is, you will be making more! Trust me! My summer camp kids love this project!
  3. Add a few drops of alcohol ink on top of the glue. You will notice the ink begin to swirl and spread out. You can then add a drop of white ink in the middle of your colorful darker inks. Watch the magic!!! You will see it begin to look like a nebula in the making! Add a bit of glitter at this point if you wish. Remember, less is MORE! Keep the colors 3-5 colors or it will look messy. You want to see those "Pops" of color when you shine the bright light through it. Too many colors will muddy it. But again, this is your first try and learning is everything!

Now allow to dry

Leave in an area that will remain undisturbed for at least 3 days. Depending on the humidity factor!

When 100% dry, peel carefully off the lids, trim the ragged edges.

turn off the lights and shine a light through the disk at a white wall. Move the Flashlight closer and then draw the flashlight away. Do you see anything interesting? You will see more details, colors and using your imagination, pretend you are traveling through the nebula!

Enjoy! This is a great summer camp or even classroom activity for ages K-?

To clean up I recommend using rubbing alcohol on a rag. It is a good idea to cover your tables with paper before you begin. The inks can discolor your counters

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