Introduction: The New Blowgun Revolver That Shoots Golf Tees

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The New Blowgun Revolver that shoots Golf Tees

Introducing the New PVC Blowgun Revolver. This is the only blowgun that I could find that shoots golf tees as its primary projectile. It can also shoot homemade darts and possibly Nerf darts, if you can find the right size.

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To make this project you will need:

PVC (1/2 inch)

(1) 15.75 inch pipe

(1) 14.5 inch pipe

(6) 12 inch pipes

(1) 3 inch pipe

(2) 2 inch pipe

(1) 1.25 inch pipe

(3) Elbow 90 degree

(1) T-connector

(1) Coupling

Other Items

- PVC Cement

- Sheet of paper

- Pack of golf tees

- Pack of sticky notes

- Scissors

- Tape

Making the Blowgun

I suggest starting with the revolving barrels first because they take the most time to prepare.

To make the revolving barrels, I used the same gluing techniques as I did with the Pistol Revolver, but I used six 12-inch long pipes. I laid the fist two pipes side-by-side and cemented them in place. I then used an additional pipe to wrap the rest of the barrels around as I cemented them in place. Each cemented barrel took some time to dry before I could add the next one, so this step might take more than one day to build.

While the barrels were drying, I took the 3 inch pipe and flattened one side. (Make sure to always wearing a breathing mask when grinding or sanding PVC.) I then cemented the 14.5 inch and 3 inch pipe together with a 1-inch over hang on the shorter pipe. The flat side of the 3 inch pipe must be facing inward. I then added cement to both sides of the pipes to add additional strength or it could break apart.

After the barrels dried, I flattened the rear side making sure all of the barrels were even. This allows for tighter tolerances and less air loss when blowing.

The rest of the blowgun is simple to assemble. Slide the barrels over the 14.5 inch pipe, making sure the flat side is facing the 3 inch pipe. Now add an elbow over the center pipe coming out of the barrels to secure them in place.

I did file a flat spot on the elbow holding the barrels to add more clearance, but this may not be necessary.

Next add the 1.25 inch pipe to the first elbow and attach a second elbow facing rearward. Then connect the 15.75 inch pipe to the second elbow.

Now starting with the T-connector, attach a 2 inch pipe to the rear and bottom openings. On the rear pipe, add a coupling which will help with blowing.

Next take the sheet of paper and fold it over several times until you have a long flat strip. Then roll up the paper until you have a cylindrical piece that will fit snug into the bottom of the 2-inch pipe. Adjust the length of the paper as needed. By wedging the paper into the pipe, prevents air from flowing the wrong direction.

Now add the final elbow to the bottom pipe facing forward. Then connect the “T” to the short pipe and the elbow to the long pipe.

The blowgun is now complete.

Making the Darts

The golf tees from the store are a little too small to fit in the barrels correctly, so I had to create a paper cone to fit around each one. I used a sticky note to make the cones because of their size and the self adhesive. Just wrap it around the head of the tee and use some tape if needed. I then pushed each cone into a barrel to get the size needed and trimmed off the excess. Then you can tape it in place. After a bunch of testing, I found the golf tee appears to fly better with the cone closer to the middle. You can adjust the cone as needed.

When loading the golf tees, just rotate the barrels and insert each one. It any of the tees slide out of the barrels before blowing, the paper cones are too small and need to be remade.

Have fun and play safe.

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Use of content for personal projects is at your own risk. Do not shoot this toy weapon at any people or animals because it can cause harm to them. Just remember that PVC is only a form of hard plastic. It can and will break if too much weight or force is applied and injuries can occur.