Introduction: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Here is the supplies you will need:

  • A plastic cup
  • black paint
  • Different colors of paint-your choice
  • A clear ornament
  • Q-tips
  • Paint brush
  • White paint
  • A black sharpie
  • Hot Glue

Step 1: Step 1: Paint Your Cup Black Until You Can No Longer See the Red/color Underneath.

Step 2: Step 2- Rip the Ends Off of a Few Q-tips to Make Separated Cotton. Hot Glue It to the Top of the Cup to Make It Look Like Snow

Step 3: Step 3- Take Q-tip and Your White Paint. Dip the End of the Q-tip Into the White Paint and Start to Create Polka Dots Around Your Cup

Step 4: Step 4- Take the Top Off of the Ornament and Put Some White Paint in There. Move It Around Until the Paint Has Rolled Around and Covered the Entire Inside of the Ornament.

Step 5: Step 5- Draw a Jack Skelington Face Onto the Ornament Using a Sharpie

Step 6: Step 6- Glue Your Ornament to the Top of the Cup Using Hot Glue

Step 7: Step 7- Cut the End of the Q-tips Off and Dip Them Into Different Colors of Paint (your Choice of Color). Let Them Dry

Step 8: Step 8- Hot Glue the Colored Q-tip Ends to the Top Edge of the Cup.

Step 9: Step 9- Let It Dry and You're Done!