Introduction: The "No Longer Wet" Dry Mop

Do you have animals? You know, your wonderful, loveable fur babies.

This Instructable is inspired by them! Brylee, my eldest, she is a shedder! Finding clumps of hair all over the place had me finding ways to reinvent the old into the new.

By changing the purpose of a Swiffer Wet Jet ( which no longer worked properly) I was left with an animal hair magnet! Let's get started.

Step 1: Supplies!!

For this project, you will need the following items;

- A Swiffer Wet Jet

- 3-4 old, unpaired socks. Any sock will work, Wool socks will cause the most static magic.

Step 2: Time for Stretches

**If you still have a liquid bottle in the back of your Swiffer, then remove that beforehand. I tried to unscrew the entire bottle holder, but alas it would have taken apart the entire Swiffer.**

Grab your first sock, and get a good stretch. You want it stretched like shown above.

Step 3: Create the Magic

Since the bottom of the Swiffer is made to attach with a Velcro-type hold, you are going to create and Static seal like no other.

Start by pulling your sock over one end of the Swiffer bottom.

Keep pulling the sock along the base until you have reached the other side.

There she is!

Step 4: Storage Hack!

The cool thing about removing the liquid bottle, and not being able to remove the bottle holder, you are left with an opportunity for storage!

Fold up your remaining socks, like shown, and place in the back.

Now you have extra pads on hand.

Step 5: Get Your Sweep On!

Now you are ready to Sweep.

Run over the surface of your floor to build up Static, and attract those unsightly hairs on the floor!

Step 6: Bonus!

Once done sweeping, simply remove the sock from the mop, and throw it in the wash!

Now your old unused socks have a purpose AND a home <3

Happy creating.

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