Introduction: The Nosey USB-Sheep

About: applied simplicity

I made this little USB-Sheep as a gift for my girlfriend. It's easy to build and looks very cute when hanging from a desktop or laptop usb slot. It will definitely raise some attention in your office.
1 stuffed animal (I used a Nicci keychain sheep)
1 USB flash drive (make sure it's one with a plug cover that "snaps" into place)
- 2-component putty that gets hard when mixed
- glue of your choice (I used epoxy 2-component glue but hot glue might work as well)

WARNING: Some pictures might be disturbing due to surgical interventions on stuffed animals. :)

Step 1: Forming the Inserts

I formed the inserts for the sheep with 2-component epoxy putty. The form makes it easier to plug off the head of the sheep, thus opening the usb flash drive. And it prevents the cap of the usb flash drive from being ripped out of the head of the sheep if opened carelessly. Let the putty be until it's completely hardened and dry.

You might want to wear surgical gloves because once on your hand, the putty is really hard to get off again. Make sure that you put the putty to the right side of the usb drive. Otherwise the sheep will be "belly-up" in the usb slot.

Step 2: Surgical Intervention

Take a sharp knife or a cutter and carefully cut open the seam around the neck of the sheep. Once the head is off, carefully open the seam on the back of the sheep beginning on the neck and open it for approx. 1/3 of the body-length. 
Take some of the filling out of the body and the head so the USB drive and the cap will fit in nicely.

Step 3: Glue It All Together

Cover the regions around the neck of the USB drive that will be inside the body/head with some glue. Make sure that there is enough glue especially around the regions where you opened a seam. Let everything dry over night without putting it together (otherwise some excessive glue might glue the cap to the body...).
Enjoy your brand new and stylish USB sheep. :)