Introduction: The Obamas By: Emma Austin Age 8

What did you Make?
I made a print series of president Obama. 
How did you make it?
First I drew Obama on a piece of paper. Then I traced the picture I had drawn onto a piece of styrofoam. Then I took a pen and carved into the styrofoam where I had draw lines. Then I used a paintbrush to put different colors of paint on the styrofoam and pressed it onto paper. Then I could wash off the styrofoam and make more. 
Where did you make it?
I made it in the art room at the boys and girls club. The project of the week was celebrity printmaking, so I decided to make mine with Obama. 
What did you learn?
I learned how to make prints. I also learned how to put on the right amount of paint because if you put on too much it smears and if you put on too little you can't even see it.

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