Introduction: The Office

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This is my office which I built during the summer. I live in a two-room apartment, meaning I had to build the office in the bedroom, so I decided to work on clearly defining the two different types of spaces. The shelves frame the office by shooting directly out from the wall, hanging on wires, which helps give the dark, heavy mahogni-wood a lighter appearance. I tried applying this expression to the tables also, eliminating all connections to the ground. The space this way is sort of slized up horizontally, with each layer representing a different level of the office, with different functionality (computer/drawing table, work table and archiving).

I also built a raised floor to further define the "office-zone". The idea is to eventually get a carpet in the "bedroom-zone" to further amplify the contrast.

Something which is still a work in progress is a hidden drawer placed on top of the desk. this holds and hides power outlets, USB-hubs, HDDs, cable-clutter etc. etc.

Most of the wood used is FSC-certified.

Oh by the way, if anyone considers placing their Mac like I did, don't! That trick torched my mainboard in a couple of days, as the vents are facing down.