Introduction: The Official ZeGoBeast Manual - the Core

Welcome to the second section of the Official ZeGoBeast Instruction Manual!

ZeGoBeasts are mechanical walking creatures which utilize the Jansen Linkage to move around. ZeGoBeasts were made possible by 63 wonderful backers as part of our successful ZeGoBeast Kickstarter Campaign in September of 2015.

This part will cover the Core - the central coupling at the heart of the ZeGoBeast. This is where the two sides of the Crankshaft meet and is where you can optionally attach the spring as a source of power.

The previous section covered the Leg Assembly, while the next section covers the Crankshaft and overall completion of the machine.

Step 1: Gather the Parts/Tools

Here are the parts and tools you'll need for the Core:

  • Laser-Cut
    • 2x Outer Core Plate
    • 6x Core Strut
    • 2x Inner Core Plate
    • 2x Inner Crankshaft Plate
    • 2x Core Brace, or
    • 1x Core Brace; 1x Core Brace w/ Spring Mount
  • Hardware
    • 2x Threaded Rod
    • 12x 2 1/2" Hex Bolt
    • 6x 1 1/4" Hex Bolt
    • 12x Hex Nut
    • 32x Serrated Lock Nut
    • 2x PVC Shaft
  • Tools
    • A hammer
    • 2x 7/16" Wrench

You'll use either 2 Core Braces or 1 Core Brace + 1 Core Brace w/ Spring Mount depending on whether you want to operate the unit by hand or with the included 3lbs. constant-force spring.

Step 2: Inner Core

Step I

Insert Hex Nuts into the Inner Core Plates using a hammer.

Step II

Push one of the Core Struts into one of the Inner Core Plates until firmly seated. Then, use a hammer to secure it inside. Repeat this procedure with the other Inner Core Plate.

Step III

Keep inserting Core Struts until the Inner Core is complete.

Step 3: Outer Core - Pt. I

Step I

Insert the rest of the Hex Nuts into the Inner Crankshaft Plates using your hammer.

Step II

Grab six 2 1/2" Hex Bolts and six Serrated Lock Nuts and begin attaching them to the Outer Core Plate. Insert the Bolt first, locking it down tightly with a Serrated Lock Nut, skipping every other hole between each one.

Step III

Collect the following:

  • 1x Inner Core
  • 1x Outer Core Plate
  • 1x Core Brace
  • 1x Inner Crankshaft Plate
  • 1x 15.5mm PVC Shaft
  • 3x 1 1/4" Hex Bolt

Place Hex Bolts through the holes in the Crankshaft Plate and the PVC Shaft, then placing the assembly through the central hole in the Core Brace. Slide the Outer Core Plate onto the three Hex Bolts, then secure them all together by tightening the Hex Bolts into the Inner Core using one of your 7/16" wrench.

Step 4: Outer Core - Pt. II

Step IV

Find all of these items:

  • The assembly from Part I
  • 6x 2 1/2" Hex Bolt
  • 18x Serrated Lock Nut
  • 1x Outer Core Plate
  • 1x Inner Crankshaft Plate
  • 3x Hex Nut
  • 1x 15.5mm PVC Shaft
  • Either 1x Core Brace or 1x Core Brace w/ Spring Mount

Step V

Assemble the Inner Crankshaft Plate as with previous steps

Step VI

Place the second Outer Core Plate over the previous assembly. Align so that holes in the center are in line with the Hex Nuts contained by the Inner Core. Use the Serrated Locking Nuts to secure in place.

Step VII

Insert the 2 1/2" Hex Bolts into the empty holes, making sure to use Serrated Locking Nuts on both the inside and outside of the Core to fix them to the assembly.


Repeat Step III from the other side. If using the Core Brace w/ Spring Mount, make sure the orientation matches the picture above.

Step 5: Final Touches

The Core is complete! Be sure to test how smoothly the Core spins between the two Braces - remember that any one element with too much friction can make the whole ZeGoBeast much more laborious to move. A little sanding on the inside of the Core Brace can go a long way - 120 grit seems to work fairly well.

Step 6: Optional: Add the Spring

Step I

Gather the following parts:

  • 1x Constant Force Spring
  • 4x 1/2" 8-32 Pan Head Bolt
  • 4x 8-32 Hex Nut
  • 1x 2 1/2" 10-32 Pan Head Bolt
  • 1x 10-32 Nylon-Insert Lock Nut

Step II

Insert the Bolts through the Core Brace w/ Spring Mount, making sure the bolts are pointing inwards, towards the Inner Core.

Step III

Place the Spring over the Bolts and secure with the 8-32 Hex Nuts. If the Core Brace w/ Spring Mount and Spring are oriented correctly, the cable of the Spring should be in line with the bottom edge of the Inner Core.

Step IV

Remove one of the 2 1/2" 1/4-20 Hex Bolts from the Inner Core (choose one that won't be blocked by the Outer Core Plates). Pull the Spring cable so that loop is positioned over the new holes in the Inner Core. Now, use the 2 1/2" 10-32 Pan Head Bolt to replace the Hex Bolt and attach the Spring cable to the Inner Core. Use the 10-32 Nylon-Insert Lock Nut to secure it in place.