Introduction: The One Handed Page Holder

What if you really like your book, but dont have enough hands to eat at the same time? This is a tool, that makes reading easyer, by letting you inserting your thumb into the device, and then you got yourself another hand to use whilst reading beacause i didnt like the fact that you usually need to use both hands to read.
So its a “Handy” little tool!

Step 1: Find Your Wood

Firstly, youll simply need to find yourself a piece of wood. Maybe grab a plank, or even a big enough stick, branch or even a small tree, to use to make the tool

Step 2: Bring Out the Basic Shale of the Tool

Using a saw, jig-saw or a band saw, cut out the main shape, the mesurments will vary, depending on your thumb size, but a size of (3Inches X 1Inch X 0.75Inches) (X, Y, Z,) should do the trick.
Little Tip; try not to over exagerate the curves on both of the sides

Step 3: The Fun Part; Carve!

Now, using carving knife or a regular knife, start carving the edges of the wooden piece.


You could ypuse a belt-Sander to bring out the shape easyer, if youd like.

Step 4: Digging Holes.

Using a drill, or a drill press, make the hole in the tool, to hold your thumb in when you read.

Step 5: Sanding Time

Finally, you only need to sand the tool just a little bit, so its conpmfortable when you read.

If you struggle sanding the inside of the hole, use a pencil or a pen, and wrap it with the sanding tool to make the job better...

Step 6: Trying It Out!

Now, you got yourself a tool to enjoy reading even more!

Go take a book and try it out!

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