Introduction: The Orange Pi Smartphone

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In this instructable,I will show you how I have builded a smart phone,running android KitKat 4.4 and that has some unique perks!
The phone has:

-40 gpio pins

-A unique design with transparent back

-A speaker,microphone and a headphone jack

-Support for sim card,with 3G ethernet


-4.98inch TFT LCD with touchscreen

Step 1: The Parts Needed

To build the phone,you will need:
-the orange pi 3G IOT(+the screen)

-a small speaker

-a battery(I am using one from an old phone)

-a push button

-some double sided tape

Step 2: Testing the Board

Before starting building the phone,plug in the screen intro the Orange Pi,give it power trough a 5V charger and see if it works.

The wire is not need if you are not using the front camera module,so it is a spare cable in case you break the first.

Step 3: Desoldering the Microphone and the Power Button From the Board

Now,.desolder the microhpone and power button from the Orange Pi and attach wires to it and then connect it back.

Step 4: Soldering Everything Aka the Wiring

I used a switch in between the battery and the board since the board was drawing current even if the phone was off.BE CAREFUL while soldering the wires to the battery,if the battery gets too hot,it will catch fire!

You also eed to solder a speaker and resolder the microphone and power button making sure that the wires are long enough so that it can reach the case's holes

Step 5: Boot

After you glued mostly inside,before closing it all up,boot the phone up and make sure that it works!

Step 6: The Case

The stl for the case and the back piece can be found: HERE. I designed the case in Thinkercad using a svg of the phone screen shape

The small circular hole should be at the top,that is where the microphone will be glued,then glue the power button and battery switch.After that,start fitting the electronics inside making sure that the ports at the bottom of the orange pi are placed at the big hole at the bottom of the case.

To mount the transparent back,cut a cd case with a lenght of 11,7cm.Then glue the bezels and then glue the transparent plastic.

Step 7: You Are Done!

That's it!Hope you enjoyed my instructable!
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