Introduction: Frosty Copycat Recipe

This is an easy recipe with only 3 ingredients and no measuring. My cousin told me about this recipe and was obsessed with making them. I can't complain though, they taste just like a real frosty.

Step 1: Ingredients

For this you will need an ice cream maker, a large bowl, and a spoon.
For the ingredients you will need:
⋅ half gallon of milk, vanilla or chocolate (maybe strawberry)
⋅ 8oz tub of cool whip
⋅ 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk

Step 2: That's It

Mix it all together in the bowl and get the ice cream maker ready. Turn the ice cream maker on and pour the mixture in. It should go for about 25-30 minutes or until the desired thickness. You can store any extra batter in the milk jug. That's it

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