Introduction: The Painting of 1,000 Paintings (OR MORE!)

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So you put up a new painting in the living room, and it looks beautiful. It stays for a few weeks, and you get bored with it and want a new one. But after the first, you're broke! Well, this thing is as many paintings as you wish all at once, and it's not a collage or mosaic. Nay, it's a SLIDESHOW!

Step 1: Some Stuffs

You need
() A spare computer you don't mind losing
() Interwebs
() A wall
() A drill
() 2 screws
() 2 wall brackets
() Sheet metal


() Picasa

Step 2: Get Your Paintings

Find all of your paintings that you wish to put up and save them to a folder.

Step 3: Some Quick Adjustments

Adjust your photos using Picasa to match your screen size (mine was 1024x1068)

Step 4: Make a Space in the Wall

If your wall is like mine, you have many hollow spaces. Use a stud finder to find a hollow space in the wall, and drill about 3 feet from the floor below where you would like to hang the paintings.

Step 5: Place CPU and Feed Wire

Well, the title says it all.


Feed the wire DOWN!!!!!!!!! Then reach in with an Allen wrench and take the end out.


Step 6: Final Steps

Plug the monitour cable into the monitor and use the screws to prop up the monitor.
You're done!

Step 7: Now...

Set the PC to not go into screensaver (that can be a real pain).
Use Picasa again to start the slideshow, and leave!
The paintings will automatically cycle.

Step 8: At Last!

Enjoy this picture of a kitten! :3