Introduction: The Party Button

Imagine this:

You and your instrucatbles friends just published the best instructable on the face of this planet. What better way to celebrate than to whip out your new PARTY BUTTON!!!!!

P.S. I apoligize in advance for some of these pictures, as my camera has no flash

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

What you'll need:

1) A mint container (round and plastic)
2) An old dome-switch keyboard
3) An old singing birthday card


1) Glue
2) A soldering iron
3) Exacto-knife

Step 2: Prepairing the Key/Button

First, you need to open the keyboard up.

Take out the metal backing and the screws on the inside. Remove the dome-switches (in image two, it's the clear-ish thing on the mint case). Set this aside. Next remove the keys and the backing to them. Take a key of your choice, and pry it off with a screwdriver. BE SURE NOT TO LOSE THE ROD ON THE BACK!!!

Replace the rod into its original possition on the back of the key.

Take the dome-switches and cut one dome, and some area around it, off.

Glue the rod/key onto the dome switch (see image three)

Step 3: Prepare the Card

Take out the card and rip the covering of the card off from where the musical components are held. Carefully remove the speaker and the board from the adhesive backing. Then take the small, plastic insert from the flod of the card and cut off the half with the hole in it.

This part is a little hard to explain, so if you have any questions just ask.

Take the small plastic objec, and place it inbetween the metal switch and the metal plate on teh board. You need to put it far enough in that the music isn't playing, but you can depress the metal switch and start the music. When you lift your finger off, the sound should stop as well.

Step 4: Prepare the Conatainer

Take the lid off of the base of the mint case.

See how there are two flaps?

Open the smaller one and cut it off with the exacto-knife. Then fire up the soldering iron.

Once the soldering iron is hot, melt the plastic away until it is roughly the size of a key.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Glue the plastic tab, still in the exact position of were it needs to be to the base of the mint case. Then ble the extra area aroung the dome-switch around the plastic tab, so that the switch center is directly over the metal switch/plastic tab.

Place the speaker inside the caseing as well.

Place the top of the case back on so that the hole is directly over the key.

Let all the glue dry and your ready to party.

Step 6: Bonus!

Create a stylish top for your button by carefully removeing the label in one piece. Flip it over, cut a hole for the button, and glue it back on.

Also, you can speed up the music on the board and speaker. Simply look for a small area with "R1" written above it. While the music is playing, place your finger on the area. The music should speed up. If you remove your finger, the music goes to normal.

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