The Party Pen!

Introduction: The Party Pen!

These colorful pens make dull office supplies come to life!
You can make them in whatever colors you'd like!

Supplies Needed:

-normal pen
-1 piece of scrapbooking paper
-hot glue gun
-3 types of ribbon
-1 very small piece of ribbon
-Mod Podge(clear-dry glue)
-small paint brush

Step 1: Let's Get Started

After you have all of your supplies, get out your pen and scrap booking paper. You need to cut your paper cautiously. Make sure it wraps around the pen vertically. Remember, you can choose whatever scrapbooking paper you would like. 

Step 2: Mod Podge Time

Next, get out your Mod Podge. Glue the paper to the pen with the small paint brush. Paint with soft delicate strokes. After that, let the pen sit out to dry (The drying time varies due to different types of paper).  When dry, It should be smooth and hard. 

Step 3: Laying Out Your Ribbon!

Get out your three different types of ribbon (you can choose whatever color or pattern you would like, remember to have ribbon that all compliment each other). Next, cut them 16 inches long each. After that, cut each of the 3 pieces of ribbon in half. Now you have a total of 6 pieces of ribbon each 8 inches long. Then, lay them all on top of each other (Its okay if the ribbons are different widths).

Step 4: Making the Ribbon Into a Bow

Tie them all together in the center with the small piece of ribbon. 
Fluff so it is nice and voluminous. It should end up looking like a bow.

Step 5: Adding the Ribbon to the Pen

Lastly, glue the bow of ribbon (with hot glue) to the top of the pen. Let it dry, then you're done! You're ready to make your writing fun.
We really hope you had fun making this pen, and that you use it all the time!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Darcy and Grace !!! This is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Im deffinately following you 2!!!!!! :) HAHA godd luck on ur grade ! i bet it will b great !!!!!!!!