Introduction: The Pencil Holder

This is the pencil holder i made

Step 1: Find the Correct Size Wood

First, what i am gonna do is find the correct size wood. And the wood you would want to use. I am going to use

6 inches length

3 inches wide

4 inches height

Step 2: Cut the Wood Down to Fit the Project.

Next i am going to cut the wood into the correct pieces that i need for this project. There should be a total of 4 pieces of wood.

Step 3: You Should Sand It So That It Is Smooth

Then you are going to sand it nice and smooth so that there is no rough spots or any chipping pieces. Make sure that when you are sanding that everything will be smooth.

Step 4: Glue the Two Pieces of the Wood Together

Next you will then take the two pieces of wood that you cut out glue them together using wood glue,

Step 5: Drill Holes Into the Top

Then you will drill three holes into the top make sure they are the same width as your utensil maybe a little bit bigger.

Step 6: Add Color to Your Board.

Last, add color to your board and then you have finished.