Introduction: The Pencil-less Office Dart

Hello everybody at Instructables. I know I haven't published anything in a while, but I have quite a special treat for those of you who are trapped in that dull box of Death.

I wanted a new dart set but my mom won't let me. I didn't want a cheap little dart set from the generic toy brand (you know that kind that doesn't even have a needle tip?). So I looked up DIY Darts. Most of them use pencils and I don't have pencils to waste. So I found this type of dart, but it didn't have very good instructions.

So here is a tutorial with good instructions.

Step 1: Office Paraphernelia

You will need the following:
1 Push Tack
1 Rubber band
1 Small Sticky Note
Some tape
4 Small paperclips

Step 2: The Begining of the Begining.

To start off this MASSIVE project you first need some tape. Take some tape approximately an Inch and a half (6 Cm) and add a paperclip to it, making sure you leave some room to attach to the tack.

Now Take the tape with the single paperclip on it and tape it to the tack. Start to add the other paperclips to the tack whilst taping them down. Near the end of it you should see that it should look like the picture.

Step 3: The Begining of the Middle

So once you make your wings, slide each of them on to the paperclips. To do this you take each of the flaps an wedge them in the middle of two paperclips. Then push the wings to its fullest.

Now you remember that rubber band I told you about? Here's where it comes in play. You amy want to read this a bit slow as it is a tricky thing to do. Ready?

You take the rubber band and wrap it around the head and the "shaft" of the dart.

Step 4: The Begining of the Final Step.

Now take this bad boy out for a ride around the office.

There you go folks, a Pencil-less Office Dart.

If you have any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions, don't be afraid to ask.
I will see you next time right here on Instructables.