The Pendulum of Time




Introduction: The Pendulum of Time

We wanted to build a kinetic art piece that represented a larger theme such as time. The three water bottles represent different stages of life, but if looked closely enough, you can see that the water is level in all three bottles, that represents the fact that time moves at the same rate over the entire course of one's life. The length of the strings are also different lengths for a reason. the length of the string also represents the length of one's life just like of the shades of the bottle also represent life. the lighter the shade the older one is. Also the longer the string, the older one is. The theme of the structure was meant to be purple and gray because we believed that those colors evoked a sense of time much better than others.

Step 1: Arranging the PVC Pipe.

Grab PVC pipe and connectors and then arrange them so that they can match the picture above. then add duct tape to the joints so that connectors and the pipe stay in place.

Step 2: Creating and Placing the Pendulum Masses (Water Bottles)

Then tie 3 strings of short medium and long height to the top most horizontal pipe. After that, take three water bottles and tie them to end of the strings. Make sure the water level among all three is the same height based on the ground. Then add in purple food coloring. make the bottle on the short string the darkest, the long string the lightest, and the bottle in the middle should be somewhere in between.

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    4 years ago

    I'd love to see a video of this in action! Great project!