Introduction: The Penny That Saved My Mind

These little books work as my short term memory. I developed them because small note books are poorly made, too expensive, and are too valuable to lose. These short form books go with me every where and have totally redefined the way I work creatively as well as stay on task.

Step 1: Fold Page in Half the Short Way

Step 2: Fold Each Side to the Central Fold

Step 3: Unfold and Fold in Half the Long Way

Step 4: Cut or Tear the Long Centerfold Between the First and Third Folds

Step 5: Fold Along the Long Crease and Open the Cut to Make an X

Step 6: Press Hard on Crease to Align the Pages on One Side

Step 7: Cut an Old Magazine Cover (or Something With Tooth) to Size

Step 8: Staple the Book Down the Center, Pinch From the Outside, or Run It Thought a Sowing Machine to Bind

Step 9: If All Pages Are Attached You Can Cut the Remaining Folded Pages Along the Creases to Open More Pages or Create Panorama Layouts.