Introduction: The Perfect Free Throw

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How to Shoot a Free Throw with proper form.

Step 1: Be Confident, Breathe, & Know You Can Make It

When you step to the line know that the objective is to make the shot.

Things You Will Need: Basketball Court, and a Basketball

Step 2: Look at the Target

Look at the goal. See what you have to accomplish.

Step 3: Align Feet

For shooters that shoot with the ball in-line with there knee:

Put your dominant foot on the goals nail-hole.

For shooters that shoot with the ball closer to or in the middle of their body:

Align the release point of your shot to the nail-hole.

Feet should be shoulder with apart and staggered, toe even with middle of shoe.

Step 4: Add Personality

Dribble. Spin The Ball. Drop Your Shoulders. Something!

Have your own personal routine before you shoot.

Keep it Short and Sweet.

Step 5: Get Ball in a Comfortable Shooting Position (w/ Good Form. of Course!)

Non-Dominant Hand: This is your "Guide Hand"

Use this hand to add comfort to your shot on the side of the ball.


Dominant Hand: This is your "Guide Hand"

Lay hand across the balls lines comfortably/


Step 6: Slightly Bend Your Knees

This helps add power to your shot.

Step 7: Aim for "Right Over the Front of the Rim"

Step 8: Shoot

Index, Middle, and Ring Fingers are the only fingers that should be shooting the ball.

No left and right motion. Keep everything up and down.

DONT FADE. Everything towards the rim.

Step 9: Hold Follow-Through.

Elbow should be right above your eye

Step 10: Watch It Go In.

With practice you will be able to feel why you missed.

For example, it will feel off when you shoot and you will know the result before it happens. The result could be left, right short or long.