The Perfect Purse

Introduction: The Perfect Purse

originally, this was going to be a messenger bag, but before I was even half-way through, I realized that I didn't have nearly enough yarn. so, I bound off and sewed it together as a purse. The reason I had started making this purse, was because i wanted a excuse to make an I-cord for the strap of something. After I bound off and sewed the purse together, I realized that I didn't even have enough yarn for an I-cord strap. So i finger wove the strap using two fingers instead of four. I then crocheted the strap into the purse. At several points of the making, I was tempted to just throw it out. I had never done anything that big before. But, I stuck with it, and finally finished it on January 13th this year.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Niceee. I like how you used two colors like these, it makes it look super unique (to me). :P Great job!