Introduction: The Perfect Super Bowl Party in 5 Easy Steps!

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It's probably for the best that the National Football League hosts the Super Bowl on a Sunday because otherwise there would have to be a new national holiday! When it comes to days worth spending with friends and loved ones, there aren't many that can compete with Super Bowl Sunday. There's Christmas and Chanukah, Thanksgiving, birthday celebrations, and Super Bowl Sunday. That's it – all other days pale in comparison. Some consider the Monday following the Super Bowl a National holiday as well.

Of course, this means that Super Bowl Sunday demands your very best if you've been tasked with throwing a Super Bowl party. If you're a veteran, you could probably benefit from running down our list of five essentials as a sort of checklist. If you're throwing your first-ever Super Bowl party, don't fret it – you're in good hands! Just follow the five simple steps outlined below and success is all but guaranteed!

Step 1: The Food

The simple truth of the matter is this: just as many people attend Super Bowl parties for the food as they do the game (in fact, more people might go for the food than for the game!). So that means you need to have your bases covered when it comes to creating your table spread. Can't think of what to make or order? Keep it simple: pizzas, buffalo wings, and chips will always please (don't forget the queso dip and salsa!). Want to experiment with something a bit more exotic? Try regional specialties from the towns represented in the game.

Step 2: The Seating Arrangements

If you're expecting a large party, you're going to want to have
the seating arrangement figured out in advance. After all, nobody enjoys having to sit with their legs crossed on the floor. If you don't have sufficient seating for all of your guests, consider buying foldable plastic lawn chairs from your local hardware store or borrowing them from friends or family. Alternatively, you can be upfront about it: advertise that your party is BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair!

Step 3: The Viewing Arrangements

Though it's true some of your guests will be more interested in the food than the game, you can't skimp on the presentation! After all, the game is the reason that you're all there. If you have a large television, say 60” or larger, than you can probably make do with one set. However, if your television is any smaller than that, you might want to consider setting up separate “viewing stations” throughout your home. Do you have a garage? Set up a small television so that the more die-hard fans can watch out there. The more casual crowd can watch from the comforts of the living room and actually converse every once in awhile!

Step 4: The Entertainment

As thrilling and engaging as the game may be, it's for the best if you prepare some entertainment options. After all, only the most dedicated fans are going to want to watch all three hours of the game – especially if their team isn't among those competing for the title! To liven the mood and give people something to do, consider having a football pool. Arrange the numbers zero through nine on X and Y axis, assign teams to each axis, and then rent out the squares on the chart for $5 or $10 each. Once the squares have been selected, award purses at the end of each quarter, as well as at the half and the end of the game.

Step 5: The Company

All of the food, drink, and entertainment will be for not if you don't invite the right people. Gather with your closest friends and family members, enjoy each other's company, have some snacks and libations (should it suit your fancy), and have fun!

Step 6: