Introduction: The Pholder

Everyone has faced these two problems in life, one, hands paining because of holding your cell phone for a long time, two, confused what to do with the unnecessary paper clips lying around the table. So what I decided to do was to bring these two together and create something everyone would love. The Pholder!… a.k.a The Phone Holder!

Step 1: Materials Required

Here are the things you will need to make this :

1) 6 paper clips; 4 of one color, 2 of another color preferably

2) 4 toothpicks, maybe more if you are Mr.Butterfingers

3) Some thread

4) Tape and a pair of scissors as usual

Step 2: The Grip

Take two pairs of toothpicks separately. Tape them up FIRMLY as shown. Now, take 4 paperclips of the same color. Widen the gap between its two "legs" with your fingers as shown

Keeping the face of the paper clip facing upwards, place two paperclips at either end of the toothstick-pair. Again, tape it up firmly.

Step 3: The Holder

Take the other two paperclips. As shown in the picture, slowly widen the gap between the leg and the base and the gap between the loopy thingy and the base, ie. create something that looks like a right triangle.

Take two long threads and tie one end of each to the paperclips individually. Take the other end and tape it up somewhere comfortable, with ideal length, about 3 inches between them.

Step 4: Using It

Slowly place your phone between the toothpick pairs, and press it in between the paperclips. To make sure its tight, lightly compress the paper clips towards each other.

Now pass the paperclips on the same side of the phone through the openings present in the hook, as shown.

Step 5: Conclusion

Now you have a simple Pholder, which you can use to show you steps from an Instructable when working it out, our even help you watch a movie comfortably without hurting your hands either!

Here are a few tips that might help you using the Pholder :
1. Tape up the holder tightly, you don't want it falling with your phone, right!

2. By slightly compressing the clips, you can place the phone in such a way that it is inclined to you in whatever way desired, up or down!

3. The one I made, along side the Instructable, worked fine with a 5 inch and 4 inch phone, remember, in the same Pholder. Cool right?