Introduction: The Pizza Box or the Box Pizza

Everybody knows the pizza comes in box but did you ever wonder if the pizza could be cooked in the box.

Well it's the middle of summer and incredibly hot nobody wants to make dinner because the kitchen is too hot.

Quick commercial quote from the 80s "You're sitting watching TV, you want brownies, what are you going to do?

This is a cub scout method to cook food taken from the girl scouts.

Step 1: This Is What You Need


One box
Heavy duty Reynolds wrap aluminum foil
Spray and adhesive or glue
Wire from a Coroplast sign. The kind they use for campaigns and elections.
Small brownie pan from the dollar store
Charcoal briquettes
Unglazed tile or stone 12 x 12
Small rocks or something nonflammable
Non-contact digital the thermometer optional

Pizza or unbaked goodie
This is instuctable more about cooking the pizza than actually making a pizza so you can use your favorite pizza recipe or store-bought frozen pizza or anything like that.

Of course you also need a pizza peel or something remove the oven possibly gloves and something to cut the pizza. I used two sticks to move the coals into the box. I used tin foil

Step 2: Make Oven / Oven Made

You're going to need a Cardboard box about the size that computer paper comes in 12 x 13 x 20

Poke two holes in about the center of the box halfway up for the wire that came from a Coroplast sign.

I cut the wires short so I could insert them into the box and test fit them with the slate tile. You want use natural stone or unglazed tile.

Remove the wire and tile. Cover the inside of the box with aluminum foil. I found spray glue works best, sprayed on the box and the foil applied. You can also apply watered-down white glue with a roller.

Reinsert wire and tile. Your oven is now ready for heat and food.

Mod: cut small holes on the bottom of the small ends of the box.

Step 3: Light

The best way i have found to light the briquets is with a stove pipe lighter (the original rocket stove) crumple newspaper onto the bottom of the pipe pour briquets on top (1 for every 30 deg F of heat)

I placed about six nuts (or small stones) on the bottom of the oven so the charcoal is off the bottom of the oven.

When the coals turn white they are ready to transfer to the to the brownie pan.

The oven quickly got to 300 deg F. What I have discovered was that in order to get the temp above 300 deg. is to make sure to cut some air holes in the bottom of each of the small sides closing the oven without the holes lack of oxygen will smother the fire. Another small hole in the top will act as a vent. You need a four to one ratio of holes four times the hole area on the sides than top.

When heating the slate made some big pops and a some small chips flaked off but no catastrophic fails. I used a rock to keep the flaps closed, And the one on top in case of wind but it was not needed.

Step 4: Cook

Cook pizza until crust is crispy and cheese bubbles. Check every five min. depending on the temp out the oven your pizza will cook in 5 to twenty min. Five for frozen in a hot oven and 20 for raw in a colder oven.

Step 5: Clean Up

The easy method

I did not do this time because I wanted to experiment with the heat adjustments. (adjust vent holes and see how many BTU's per briquette.) After the pizza is eaten and smores made remove the pan, stone and wire from the oven and put the box into the fire pit and dump the coals on top (burn the evidence). When the fires done (out and cold) remove any aluminum foil from the ashes.

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