Introduction: Martheos Plane Crash Tutorial

This is an instructable on making a short stop motion video using card, toy wheels and different paper for a crash scene.




paper / card / coloured paper


wheels from a toy car

a torch

a background of your choice


Step 1: Cut Out Car and Clouds

firstly draw a car. If using specific wheels then try to scale the car to fit the wheels. Also draw an aeroplane and another car smaller than the aeroplane (you will need the 2nd car for the explosion.

Cut 2 large clouds and 3 small clouds.

Step 2: Adding Depth and Light

Stick the car onto card to keep it sturdy. You will need to add something to the back of the car once you have chosen which wheels you will use. This is to keep the wheels in line with the car. You will also add the torch here as this will give the effect of real light beams.

Step 3: Explosions

You will need to cut 2 different explosions from paper. The first can be 2 tone for impact. Then cut out a series of clouds but scale each one down so they go from big to small. The clouds need to be able to cover the smaller car. You can also cut 3 small clouds and 2 large clouds

Step 4:

Do the same as you did with the aeroplane for this scene. Do not move the car, just slowly move the trees along for each frame but also slightly move the wheels in each frame. This will give the impression of movement. You could shoot this is a dark room so the beam of the car shines (again use the same method you used for the aeroplane by putting a torch on the back of the car.

Step 5:

place the torch behind the aeroplane or car. Whichever one you do for the first scene.

The aeroplane does not move at this stage. The only thing you move is clouds. Each frame move the bigger clouds along bit by bit for each frame. The smaller clouds will be moved slower.

Do this until the bigger clouds reach the end of the background. You can loop the video to make it longer.

Step 6: The Crash

Once you have shot the separate scenes of the aeroplane and the car its now time to shoot the crash.

Remove the bigger car and replace with the smaller car. Take another few frames of the aeroplane flying across then gradually start to move the aeroplane downwards towards the smaller car.

When the plane makes contact with the car you swop the car for the 2 tone coloured stars.

Step 7: Stars and Clouds of Pooh

This scene will need the aeroplane slowly moving into the stars until the plane has disappeared.

Slowly move the stars in each frame as you tuck the aeroplane under them. . The stars stay in the same position but move round slightly.

Once you have filmed these frames the stars are replaced with the smallest cloud then take frames of each cloud till the biggest cloud.

You could start with the bigger cloud and take frames of the next size down until you have taken shots of all sizes.

Step 8: Editing Your Video

connect the scenes together using STOP MOTION STUDIO for IOS

You can also add sound effects.

Step 9: The Finished Video

The video @VoiceMagUK

Posted by Martina F Stewart on Wednesday, August 28, 2019