The Powerful Learning in Making a LEGO Duck




Introduction: The Powerful Learning in Making a LEGO Duck

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This is a quick overview to a project I use in workshops, classrooms, and more to display and experience the power of hands on learning.

Step 1: Grab Your 6 LEGO Elements

Find these pieces.

You can use any color elements you want, add eyes with Sharpie or use Googley Eyes if you would like to get creative as suggested in my Purposeful Play with LEGO course

Step 2: Organize Elements

Allow your students time to sort and organize. Pay attention to how they organize and sort. It is fascinating to watch!

Step 3: That's So Quack

Explain to them that they will have 60 seconds to build a duck.

They will be given 60 seconds to make the best duck you can. Are you ready to do some thinking with your hands?
Get the timer ready. Put on your thinking hat and……. GO! It is amazing what they will come up with. Here are some examples of ducks created by students and my own kids when I was piloting and testing out the idea to make sure it was successful.

Step 4: Timer

Attached are two timers I have created for you to use in your classroom.

Step 5: Post Reflection Discussion

After they finish building and the time is up, we usually share them all. We also talk about what happened in the build and connect to the slides attached.

Step 6: Video of Building

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    3 years ago

    I really love quick design or build challenges like this and the timers you included are awesome! Thanks for sharing this resource. :)


    3 years ago