Introduction: The Prismarine Tower (work in Progress)

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Hey all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

I have decided, before the holidays approach, to showcase what i have been working on these past few months.

And yes, you are probably wondering; "thats not a Star Destroyer?"...

Yes its not, and for good reason!

Back when i last posted, i was just about to head off to the Philippines for a work excursion, and i found myself building random structures during my long airport waits! Upon returning, i would just add more, and add more, until i wound up with an entire original build, so here it is, still in progress....The Prismarine Tower.

As with my recent posts, below features a slideshow of this mysterious, isolated tower, followed by a detailed description/tour of it so do stick around!

Step 1: The Tower on the Island...

Inspired by various Middle-Earth concepts of dwarvish design, the Prismarine Tower is a solitary complex built from within the island, connected via a long walkway bridge.

built out of primarily, you guessed it, Prismarine & Dark Prismarine blocks, the island serves as a naval dockyard, a merchant hub, and a coastal defence barricade.

As of now, there are three ships docked within its perimeter; The Scion, a royal merchant vessel, The Leviathan, a stone clad warhorse, and the Rusty Joe, an absolute tanker, a generic merchant bucket.

Operated by a single lonely former lighthouse keeper, the tower is covered by a shadowy and mysterious secret, hidden within the waterfall that oozes out of the rock.

The apex of the tower features a special map room, which is currently not yet finished; the world is a big and scary place, so many explorers venture off never to be seen again...job openings a plenty!

The other rooms within the tower are generic and essential for the everyday traveller/guest; the 2nd floor features a warm, inviting parlor fitted with a perma-fire using netherack, with priceless armours and weapons adorning the walkways, retelling the countless tales of epic adventurers from a bygone era!

The Leviathan is a proven terror of the seas; armed to the teeth with firing dispensers, loaded with fireworks, magma charges and poisoned arrows. manned by a supplement of veteran marines, encased in a shield of stone, this ship is docked for unknown reasons, dont ask, dont tell!

The secret is hidden beneath the island itself, for it is a deep mine shaft, equipped with secret forges, forging secret weapons, harbouring secret get the idea, its a pretty big deal for these people!

Throughout this build, i found myself experimenting far more than i was used to, and sticking to my bizarre methods, such as the use of wooden trapdoors for wall decor; from a distance it actually works, as it gives off the impression of fencing. It would be very effective with wooden structures more than stone, makes for great palisades and side doors!

What i have learned from this goofing around, is that you should never build something original with the intend of it looking like you first imagined, cos it wont! but you'll be pleasantly surprised with what the end result could look like when your brain is left unattended.

Step 2: In Conclusion...

As the sun sets over this green obelisk, that's it for today, apologies it is so short, but as i said, it is a work in progress, and i will surely post the finished result, with a narrative instead of a summary, won't be until the new year of course, not too far down the line!

Thanks for tuning in, and of course never stop building!