Introduction: The Pumpkin Globe

When fall comes around once again, and the leaves on the trees change colors, and the temperature drops, everyone knows that the holidays are right around the corner, and there's nothing better than starting off the season with Halloween to get in the festive mood. That's where my idea has sparked, we all love decorating and crafting things to put around our home or workplace, so how about we try something new, The Pumpkin Globe!!!


Supplies needed for crafting your own pumpkin globe-

1. You need to pick/purchase your very own pumpkin

2. (optional) You may need a carver to cut the stem of the pumpkin off as well as the hole in the side, but we will get to that later. You may also need a scoop to get the seeds out if you don't want to use your hands. But I used a cutting knife to cut the pumpkin as well as my hands to get the seeds out.

3. You need, figures, candles, props, and anything else you would like to decorate the inside of your pumpkin with. (This is mostly your decision)

4. You need a piece of clear plastic or glass that covers the side of your pumpkin, it needs to be clear so you can see into the pumpkin since it is a decoration.

Step 1: Create Your Own; a Guide

The process to creating your very own pumpkin globe is right here, and should take you about 20-45 minutes depending on how you decorate and design your pumpkin!

Step 2: Cut the Top Off

Take your pumpkin and begin cutting the top off, once you have done that take out the seeds of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Dome Piece

take your dome or plastic piece you are using to cover the side of your pumpkin, align it where you want on the side, and take a marker or pen and outline it onto the pumpkin, this allows you a tracer or guide to start carving out the hole in the pumpkin. Or you could take your dome and push it into the pumpkin to make indention lines. Then cut your whole out

Step 4: Design Your Pumpkin

Design the inside of your pumpkin! Use the top and side hole to get your hands inside to place your figures, lights, or designs, make sure to make it look extra spooky for Halloween!

Step 5: Install the Dome Piece

once you have completed designing, now it's time to install your dome piece, I used a clear bowl to wedge into the hole on the side of the pumpkin, if it does not fit, take a knife and start shaving down the sides until your dome piece fits into the side of the pumpkin. Then Push the dome in to where it is secure, and place your top back on.

Step 6: Completed

Your decoration is now complete, and your pumpkin globe is as well! Make sure everything is secure before moving it!

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