Introduction: The Pumpkin Zombie- Using Pixlr

Hi guys,

I have edited this photo using this amazing software pixlr. I
have tried to turn a man eating his pumpkin into a zombie. I have also edit the pumpkin to give it a more spooky feel.
I hope you guys like this instructable as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Step 1: Opening the Original Photo in Pixlr

You can open the software in your browser by going to

You then have a variety of options like pixlr advanced, efficient and playful. I have edited this photo in advanced.

I opened this pic from the web by copying its url.

Step 2: Changing the Image Size and the Pumpkin's Colour

You can change the image size by following these steps:

1. Go to the image toolbar
2. Select image size
3. Change image size according to your need

Now to change the pumpkin colour:

1. Go to layer in toolbar and click on new layer
2. Select the overlay mode for layer from the drop down menu in the layer box on your right.
3. Using the lasso tool from the toolbox on the left select the pumpkin.
4. Select the colour from the colour box that you wish to change your pumpkin to.
5. Use the paint bucket tool to paint the colour of you pumpkin 

Step 3: Facial Expressions of the Pumpkin

To give facial expressions:

1. Using the colour of your choice make the the eyes, mouth and nose
2. use eraser tool to give them shape and direction
3. open a new layer
4. highlight these parts by the colour of your choice preferably a slightly darker one
5. decrease opacity to 60-70%
6. open a new layer
7. add depth to the eyes, nose and mouth by highlighting with black on the inside
8. make a new layer
9. for the pupils decrease the brush size to 9-15 and add pupils
10. using the lasso and paint bucket tools I also made the tip of the pumpkin black

Step 4: Hair Colour of the Man

To change hair colour:

1. using the lasso tool select the hair
2. choose colour of your choice
3. add colour using paint bucket tool
4. select layer mode 'multiply'
5. decrease opacity to 65-70%

Step 5: Skin Colour of the Man

Since I am making a zombie out of the healthy man, I had to change the skin colour to a slightly whitish blue colour. To do so:

1. Using the lasso tool select all visible skin of the man, his hands, arms and face
2. Go to adjustment on the toolbar
3. select hue and saturation
4. decrease hue to around -72
5. decrease saturation -79
6. slightly increase lightness to around 10

Step 6: Effects to the Skin

To give the skin more spooky effects:

1. select brush tool
2. open brush selection panel and go to more on the right
3. select charcoal 
4  select add
5. use this brush on the skin of the zombie-man for a slightly darker and burnt look
6. again open brush panel and go to more
7. select cracks
8. click on add
9. give the skin a cracked and breaking apart feel
10. to change the colour of the zombie's eyes, open a new layer
11. select a smaller oval brush size like 9
12. choose colour you wish to turn the eyes into
13. use eraser to give direction and shape
14. decrease opacity to 30%
15. Select overlay mode from the drop-down menu

Step 7: Giving Teeth to the Pumpkin and Changing the Background Scenery

1. Select the background using lasso tool and desaturate from the adjustment tab
2. make new layer
3. draw teeth using brush
4. give direction and shape using eraser
5. select invert mode from drop-down menu

Step 8: Dress Colour of the Man

to change the color of the man's dress and pants:

1. make a new layer
2. select using lasso tool
3. select color
4. using paint bucket tool add color
5. select overlay or multiply mode or use both in different parts of the clothes
6. decrease opacity to around 65-70%

Step 9: Fangs and Shadow Effect

to give peeping sharp teeth to the zombie:

1. add new layer
2. select color preferably white to highlight the contrast
3. using 15 sized brush add them on the required places
4. use brush tool to give sharp pointy shape

To make the use of knife and fork more prominent i have also added shadow to where they are touching the pumpkin by:

1.  make a new layer
2. decrease opacity to 45-50%
3. select overlay mode
4. use 30-50 sized brush add required colour

Step 10: Photo Edit Complete

So now you have your very own zombitious photo edited using the simply amazing software called pixlr.

I hope you guys enjoyed this instructable and learned something good too.


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