How to Do a Steezy Kick-Flip

Introduction: How to Do a Steezy Kick-Flip

I like to skateboard and kick-flips are one of my favorite tricks! Some people see kick-flips, but don't have a clue as to do how to do them. At one time I was that kid too! Therefore, I'm going to teach you how to kick-flip.

Supply list:
Skateboarding shoes
Helmet (if needed)
The knowledge and ability to do an ollie

Step 1: The Kick-Flip Stance

Step one, get into an ollie stance. Then hang your front foot slightly off, and have your front foot behind the front set of bolts.

Step 2: The Pop/Snap

Step two, snap the tail of the board down like an ollie. This part is known as the pop, just like an ollie the pop is crucial.

Step 3: The Flick

Move your front foot in a flicking up and out motion. Make sure to flick hard and then move your front foot up and out of the way. By moving your front foot the board will flip freely.

Step 4: Hovering Over the Board

Next jump and hover over your board. Since your board will flip freely make sure to keep an eye on the board at all times. This will prevent from over flipping the board, and hurting your feet.

Step 5: Catching and Landing

Wait until you see the grip-tape (the top of your board), and stomp down on the board. You should then land the trick and roll away. If the concrete is split and sketchy, practice them where the concrete is smooth!

Step 6: The Complete Kick-Flip Demonstration

Put all of these steps into one motion on the same order. It may take a lot of tries, but just remember Rome wasn't built in one day either! Keep practicing kick-flips, and do them on concrete that is not cracked or just plain out sketchy. With all the steps you will have kick-flips down in no time.

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