Introduction: The PyroGlove - 1.0

Hey, Pyro here.
This is my first instructable so please be nice.
This device is basically a modified BBQ lighter that attaches to your finger. Also known as, the PyroGlove - 1.0
It goes without saying but just to be sure, this probably isn't completely safe. Also, this involves fire. It isn't my fault if you damage yourself, others around you or anything else. Now that's out the way, let's get started!

Step 1: Acquiring Materials

Right, first off you're going to need pop out and get some stuff. Start by swiping a BBQ lighter, the gas chamber in here will be the main body of our PyroGlove. Next, you'll need a precision screwdriver to dissect the lighter. Having a penknife or some other kind of blade on hand may also come in useful. Finally, get some elastic bands. These will be used to attach the device to your hand.

Step 2: Dissection

Using the screwdriver and blade, cut open the casing to the lighter to reveal the goodies it conceals. Don't worry about breaking the casing as we won't be needing it anymore. After the "operation", I found: 2x Outer Casing, End Casing, Ignitor Button Casing, 2x Screws of Power, Gas Chamber, Gas Tube and a Peizo Electric Ignitor. In the next step, we'll go through keep or can (what to keep and what to dispose of in the most painful means possible).

Step 3: Keep or Can

Now, you aren't going to need everything from the lighter. Firstly, all the casing is to be canned as it's pretty useless, along with the Ignitor Button casing. Things you're going to want to keep are the screws, the gas chamber, the gas tube and the Peizo electric ignitor.

If you want the low down on these parts, carry on reading this step otherwise, go to step 4 and live a happy life.

Screws of Power! -
SCREWS! You can never have enough of them, so plonk them in your parts box for other projects, replacement screws for appliances or as a gift for that special someone.

The Gas Chamber/Tube -
These parts are practically the only parts we are going to use for the PyroGlove. The liquid fuel (butane or propane, whatever you find more alluring) is injected and kept in the gas chamber in it's liquid form. When the gas release button is pressed, the pressure inside the gas chamber forces the fuel out into the gas tube. When the fuel combines with air in the tube, it vaporizes into it's gaseous state. When the fuel is ignited, we see the warm glow of fire's warming glow.

The Peizo Electric Ignitor -
The Peizo Ignitor uses the Peizo effect to generate a high voltage current to two electrodes (more commonly known as the two wires on the end). This voltage is high enough to create a spark between the two electrodes if the gap is small enough. To learn more about the Piezoelectric Effect, click below:

Step 4: Bridging the Gap Between Flesh and Fire

This, sadly, is the fiddly bit. Remove the Gas Tube from the Gas Chamber and hold it on your desired body part (left or right index finger is best) with the metal end a few millimeters over the edge of your finger tip. Use an elastic band to keep it in place. Next, get another elastic band ready, rest the Gas Chamber in your desired palm and use the elastic band to keep it there.

Step 5: Time to Test

Testing time! The moment you've (probably) been waiting for.
To fire the PyroGlove - 1.0, point at target, pull the Gas Release Button and hold a lighter just in front of your finger until the gas has lit.
Straight forward, huh?

Thanks for reading this Instructable. Enjoy making it and stay safe.