The ROCKET Wall Sconce

Introduction: The ROCKET Wall Sconce

The dimension of the figure: Width 14 x Length 30 x Height 6 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make a rocket cardboard wall sconce from the cardboard shoe box and tubular cardboard. It easy to make, The Rocket is more like cartoonish with the scary chicken inside. The cardboard is thin, yet very strong. I use a small LED round dish light’s and 6v adapter. It looks cute and work’s well on the bedroom’s wall. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do The Rocket wall sconce’s project.

1. Any cardboard from any box. (I use the brown cardboard and black backing).

2. Small LED light bulb, and 6v adapter. (or less depend on the LED)

3. Glue, 2 sides tape, electrical tape, cutter, paint brush, and acrylic paint.

Step 1: Cut the Shoe Box

Open the shoe box, make it flat, and start to trace one side of the rocket free hand, cut it, and trace the outline on both sides. Next I free hand the fin (to scale), cut it, and trace the outline, and cut then. It will be on both sides. Then I draw another two smaller fins. Now I use black backing of the cardboard to make the engine nozzle, by light cut and make into the strip (I make it curve, so it will look like in 3D). Next I cut the nose piece, the engine fire, 2 clouds, cut out the round window and make round frame. Now I cut the stripe 5 centimeters width and glue to the back side to make the rocket looks thicker and also be able to hide the tubular cardboard for the light source.

Step 2: Paint the Rocket

I use acrylic paint to paint the rocket. At first I paint the fins and nose of the rocket in red (when it dry I glue to the rocket), and the body of the rocket in gray with dark gray shadow, blue round window, for the engine fire I use light yellow for the inside and orange yellow for the outside ring. Next the clouds I paint it white first and paint the shade of blue mix with white and dark blue.

Step 3: The LED Light

I attach the LED round dish light on the top of the tubular cardboard with the electrical tape. Next I connect the wires to the 6v adapter with the electrical tape. Then I use two side tapes to hold the tubular to the back side of the rocket, and I place the scary chicken with the tape at the window. Now I use the two side tapes to attach the rocket to the wall and adjust the clouds as well. The bedroom will looks more interesting for sure.


Step 4:

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