Introduction: The Racket Chair

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Hello everybody!

I found those white pieces the other day right next to the garbage. I thought immediately that it's a bit more than the half of a chair, so maybe I can do something with those!
And it was true!

They were the parts of a white chair with rounded edges, I thought that maybe it was a chair for kids or maybe teenagers. The dimantions are 85cm height and 42cm width and those parts had a lot of holes for the assemblies system (dowel joints). I desided that I could buy some extre pieces of wood for finishing this chair and for the seat I could use of elastic sandow that had rest of another project.

Step 1: First Things First

I picked up my sander and started to sand because I don't like the white color and I wanted to understand what kind of wood it was made of.

So after a while I was quite happy with the result. A nice natural color showed up. A light tone of rose made me think of Beech and I was happy because I could find rounded pieces of Beech at my woodworking store with a diameter of 21mm, very nice for the construction of the seat!

I also had a lot of blue elastic cord for knitting the seat.

Step 2: Almost There!

After a visit to the store I found all the rounded pieces that I wanted and also the dowel joints for put everything together in a nice way.

I made some holes for passing the elastic cord and put everything together for testing the joints without glue. Once I was satisfied I applied finishing oil on all the wooden pieces.

After some hours everything was dry so, I glued everything together.

Last step; the knitting with the blue elastic cord! It took my time because I didn't wanted to look messy.

At last I was happy!

Step 3: The End - in Details!

There we are!
That was the end of a very pleasant project!
Not sure if it was made of bleech but I like it anyway!!

A friend of mine told me that this chair is like a tennis racket, so that was a nice idea of a name!

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