Introduction: The Rainbow Phone Case

About: Hi i'm Angel from New Tech High

this case is for people whom may want to bright their day up with some color or who just want to have a neat beautiful case

Step 1: Getting the Materials

he materials you'll need is:

a phone case acrylic

paint in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet

a paint brush


a cup of water

some paper towels tape

Step 2: Painting

first of you want to lay out your news paper on the ground where you going to be painting, get your paints in your pallet and clean the case you'll be painting and get your paint brush ready.

This is the fun part now you paint your case in anyway you want you can do a striped pattern like I did or something of your choice. Now depending on how dark or light your case is you mane need to do multiple layers of paint

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