Introduction: The Real Deal BBQ Kabob

As this is my first ever instructable, and I was dared into entering this because its an international contest...(my kids where the darers} I hope I do this right.


Firstly I call this The Real Deal BBQ Kabob because what most Americans, and many others think of as kabob, is really Shishlik, and except for Leverage, a show I like a lot, I haven't seen American programs that have actually got it right.

So even though this is done without the skewers (mostly because my family likes eating this like a hot dog in a bun} it is still a kabob.

I use to think kabobs where meat and veggies on know chunks of meat, then an onion, then another chunk of meat, then maybe a cherry tomato...I learned from traveling in the Mediterranean, and especially in the middle east, that I had it wrong, that, that, wasn't a kabob, it was called a shishlik... and that what you see here is a kabob. So here is the Real Deal Kabob and if it really reminds you of a country sausage then yes when I saw it I had that same reaction.

What you will need

1. 1kilo (This is 2.2 pounds} of  ground meat of your choice...  (I use chicken but thats because its what I can afford the way its done in most parts of the Mediterranean is with either lamb or beef or occasionally chicken.}
2. 1 egg medium... or large is okay.
3 Spices.... these are...Green leaf coriander
  and those spices are measured out to about 2 Tbs or Table spoons...

Next is Tarragon 3 tbs,
And McCormick's Garlic and Herb and quarter cup of their Italian Spice.... respectively...

Add onion powder also about three Tbs more if you like the taste of onions...

Sweet paprika and Chili powder... about a pinch... which more then likely makes it 1 teaspoon or if its to spicy for you or you cant take it... use less if like... my kids like it hot...and tend to add more... its all according to taste...If you don't like chili you can skip it but it looses a bit of its punch if you do.....

Turmeric powder...1 to 2 1/2 TBS

but keep in mind you might need to add more spice depending on weather you use more flour to extend your Kabobs...

Flour 2 cups

and pour it over your damp hands before you mix it in, this is to keep your hands on the non stick doesn't always work. But it is worth a try...

touch of balsamic vinegar or  few drops of lemon once mixed...

bowl for mixing your stuff a tin baking pan and baking paper for placing you sausages in to transfer to BBQ.

Step 1:

Step one was in the intro and that was assemble everything you will need.
This is step two Adding the egg and flour with a half cup of water.

Step 2:

Add the meat and spices next

Step 3:

When adding more flour and just before you mix it (if you are doing  this especially by hand} make sure your hands are damp before adding the flour over your hands ....this way as you add the flour your hands are suppose to be non stick...while this works for many people all the time it only seems to work for me 5O/5O... by doing it this way your suppose to kill 2 birds with a single shot.

Step 4: This Is Really Step 3.

As you mix it up with your hands it should look like this, at least in the begining.

Step 5: Step 4 How It Looks As You Form It.

Just as the title suggests..

Step 6: What Your Raw Kabob Mix Should Look Like Now.

Step 7: Prepare This Before You Start.

Have your tin lined with baking paper.

Step 8: Step7 Ready for the BBQ

What your ready to BBQ Kabobs will look like...this tray allows you to take them out ready 4 the grill.

Step 9: What They Look Like When Ready....TO EAT!

The goldish...really a yellow look comes from the family likes it a little bit over done.


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