Introduction: The Refrigerator Door Check


Nowadays, people have "smart" refrigerator which can show you the temperature of the fridge. Some fridge also have alarms to remind the user that the door isn't close. However, not everyone have this kind of "smart" refrigerator and, so, there isn't a door alarm. Therefore, many people damage their fridge and the food inside. This machine can detect a fridge's door and can give out sound to show that the door isn't close.


  1. Arduino
  2. bread board (medium size)
  3. few wires
  4. one led light
  5. one large button
  6. a alarm speaker

Step 1: Step One: Put Everything on a Breadboard.

  1. connect all the things just the image above.
  2. remember not to put it inside the box yet

Step 2: Step 2: Program

1. type up the program as above: 1) Ardu block 2) program in Arduino

Step 3: Step 2: Program Continue

Program Arduino Program

Step 4: Step 3: Make the Cover

1. Cut a hole for the speaker, bottom, and LED.

2. Carefully place the breadboard into the a paper board box.

3. remember to keep a hole for the USB line

Step 5: Step 5 Final Product