Introduction: The Rise of GeoCat

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Sometime in March of 2013...

A co-worker was complaining about having issues with a neighbourhood cat that was desecrating her yard...

We took this information and decided to pull a rather juvenile prank on a co-worker involving placing dozens of cat pictures in and around her desk... in the files, under the mouse in drawers, etc...

She was not amused...

There was enough material to continue on this thread for several weeks, however, I was being sent on the road for a minimum of one month...

How to continue...

The night before I was to leave I discovered PAPERCRAFT in the form of Grumpy Cat...

I made one and hit the road!

Step 1: Print and Build

This is a fairly simple model to construct...

Simply print the Model picture in the size required, from Tubbypaws.

From trial and error I have found that I get the best cuts come from a razor knife and ruler.

I also like to use junk mail as a cutting mat. It's thick and disposable and best of all its free...

Once the shape is cut out, all the folds need to be done. I have found that the ruler and the back of the razor knife works great for this. Just use light pressure.

Fold all the tabs and glue them in place.

I used cyano type adhesive which is possibly one of the least favourable types since it will seep through the paper, glue your fingers and leave marks on the surface where the adhesive is.

I made the one shown here in about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Moving Forward

So the intention was to send an email a day of the cat to continue the prank...

So the pictures started but no email response so I started a Facebook Page

Lots of driving and lots on pictures of work and such...

An then it happened

Step 3: The Inspiration

Unknown to me, the cat had become quite popular within our little group and others were beginning to comment.

I was checking into a hotel when I thought to do some odd poses with 2 cats...

I Made a little fun of the clean towels being in the actual shower.

Then put the cats to bed.

The following morning upon checking the page there was one comment that stood out... "There can be only one!"

Step 4: Quickening...

I named the new cat... Connor...

But the idea stuck and I thought more would be great...

Step 5: Crafting

Searching northern Alberta for crafting supplies, I was unable to find suitable construction paper or material to make costumes. Yes I was actually contemplating the use of fabric. Luckily I did stumble upon craft foam.

Easy to cut and shape, glues to paper light and durable.

The ideas began to flow...

I set about making costumes for the cat. I first had to dismember numerous paper cats to make patterns

It started around Easter

Using the cat parts as templates the cuts need to be at or outside of the fold lines since this will be glued to the paper cat.

Step 6: Costumes

Easter bunny, a duckface selfie and a Tiger in the Woods

Step 7: Mother's Day

Made tiny cats

Step 8: Trip to Vulcan

Kirk and yes he did make it out alive

Step 9: Dr. Who

Matt Smith...

Step 10: Star Wars

Luke's expression is spot on...

Step 11: Comic Expo

Yes Calgary has one as well

Step 12: THOR!

That is actually cat litter!

Step 13: International Travel

Elvis went to Las Vegas

Captain America went from being frozen in ice to sunny Phoenix!

Step 14: Others Including a Victoria Secret Christmas Angel

Complex craft

Hypno cat

Hello kitty


RCMP for Canada Day!


Christmas Angel!

Make it rain!!!

Step 15: And Beyond

I continued to upload pictures of the original cat until the job ended...

Step 16: Now the Cat Has Been Retired, Battle Worn...

Yes that is the original first cat, he got a little battle worn over the years...

I would love to see what you come up with...

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