The Rubber Band Launcher



Introduction: The Rubber Band Launcher


The Rubber band Launcher is a durable one shot launcher made out of wood and rubber bands that can more or less accurately shoot over 50 rubber bands before it breaks. It does not at the moment include targets though they can be made using cardboard.

Step 1: Materials

Rectangular wooden blocks of length 11.5 cm, width 1 cm and height 0.75 cm

Many rubber band of different sizes

Glue and tape

Lego 13 by 1 beam

2 Pegs


1. Glue the pieces of wood together like in the image .

2. Put two rubber bands criss crossing over a 13 by 1 lego beam fastening it to the single block of wood and hot glue it. Keep it moving in the motion of the trigger so that it isn’t stuck.

3. Take the red rubber band and put it between the grey and black pegs

4. Take another (preferably small rubber band) and stretch it from the tip of the lego to the top end of the top of the two pieces of wood.

5. As you pull the trigger the Rubber band will fire

6. Make as many as you please and enjoy

Step 3: Conclusion

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    Nice project. But it looks like the text of step 3 should be pasted is the html editor.