Introduction: The Runner's Knot

As a runner, I realized that my heel would slip occasionally and lead to blisters. While working at a shoe store, I was trained a technique: The Runner’s Knot. With these easy steps, I will teach you how to perform and perfect this technique and eliminate heel slips and blisters while also keeping your foot from slipping within a pair of shoes while walking or exercising.

*For these instructions, I used my mom's shoes to show greater lace length compared to my own*

Step 1: Preparing Your Shoes

Prepare your shoes by unlacing them from the top eye of your tennis shoe. To ensure a proper fit, make sure your shoes are loosened before placing them on your feet. Preferably, make sure you can fully slip your foot in with ease. Then begin to tighten your laces one group at a time.

Step 2: The New Bunny Loop

To begin this loop, go straight up one eye on your shoe NOT across. Use your index finger or thumb to thread the lace and ensure a proper loop length. This helps begin the process of cinching in your heel and keeping your foot still.

Step 3: Crossing the Laces

Once the loops are set, begin to cross the laces like any other pair of shoes. This does not affect the knot's effects on your foot. Pull the laces tight and begin to tie the shoe.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Tie the shoe with your preference of knot. After tying the shoes, there will be a difference in how the shoe fits around the foot and protecting the heel from blisters. If you cannot feel a difference right away, it's okay!

*Tip: If this does not work on the first eye, try the second and repeat the process with the latter.

This has helped a lot of people who wear tennis shoes during marathons and even walking around their job.