Introduction: The S2 Bolt Action Pistol

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hey guys ! this is the second gun in my S series of guns which are supposed to be my best guns yet in different categories. anyway, this is a b/a pistol (true, obviously) that i built 6 months ago, but didn't finish. there were problems and bugs and so on... i dug it up of the closet about two weeks ago and gave it another go and it now works amazingly !!! the range/strength is just the same as the zkar or my S1 (about 50 ft with one #28 band, about 100+ ft with three), which is amazing since it's just a teeny, tiny pistol. it's very comfortable, quite accurate (up to about 30~40 ft), VERY strong and has great looks (IMO). it also has a realistic feel to it, the way you cock it and the size... anyway, i'll stop annoying you for now, and let you start building.

EDIT: i added two pictures to the intro that show a neat little pin guide support i made for it.

check out the video 'ible of it.

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Step 1: Building

so in this step you will be building the whole gun, or for those of you just here to look at the mech, f*ck this, you should build it too (jk).